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HAYDEN AND HAYLEY, Longmont Colorado Engagement Session 04/20/2019

Let me introduce you to Hayden and Hayley. Hes a math teacher, and she's an art teacher. And just in case you haven't already melted into a big lump of "AWWWWWEEE's" then keep reading. Its inevitable.

I haven't even seen kittens that are cuter than these two you guys. And don't even get me started on her hair... oh my gosh.

Anywho..... back to the basics.

Hayley e-mailed me at the beginning of the year wanting to book me for their upcoming summer wedding at the Upper Cedar Creek Ranch in Saratoga, WY this July. They currently live in Nebraska, and had planned to visit Hayden's sister here in Colorado for Easter so it was the perfect time to do their engagement session. We chose Sandstone park in Longmont because it has a little bit of everything. An old barn, a mountain view, a perfect sized pond and a mysterious looking cluster of trees in the distance. You really can't go wrong.

The day of their session arrived, and my morning got turned upside down due to a family emergency and there had been mention of possibly needing to reschedule for the next day which I HATE doing. But things settled down a bit and I decided an engagement session was exactly what I needed.

They both were the highlight of my weekend....and listening to their story among the fresh air while doing what I love made all that had gone wrong that morning disappear if only for an hour. Congrats to you both, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for your upcoming Wyoming wedding!

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