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An Autumn Engagement at Eldorado Canyon - John and Lindsey 10-01-2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


I began chatting with John over the summer and we navigated our way through the "covidness" and busy schedules to plan an engagement session for him and his fiancé, Lindsey. Things got a tad tricky as wildfires had quickly spread in so many of my favorite parts of Colorado - thankfully Eldorado Canyon was in the clear and so we set a date.

Their session was on the first day of October and as per usual, everything was suddenly flavored with pumpkin spice and it was now officially acceptable to bust out your scarf collection and tall boots. As we pulled into the canyon, we were greeted by gold and red trees against a backdrop of evergreens. It was perfect - far enough away from summer to have lost the heat and not close enough to winter to have that bite of cold. The mountain air was rejuvenating, and the sound of the stream was calming. Altogether, it was the perfect therapy for all of us and for just an hour, we didn't have to think about covid or wildfires or busy schedules. We got to capture and celebrate the love that brought them here today and will bring them together next year when they say their vows.

There is an almost overwhelming amount of scenery and options in Eldorado Canyon, and I'm always thrilled when clients are willing to show their adventurous side and climb a few mountain sides to achieve some epicness. John and Lindsey were all on board for it and went along with all my shenanigans. We had a blast soaking in the first day of autumn!

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