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Unlike a lot of photographer bios that you read, my story as a photographer didn’t start the moment I had a camera in my hand as a youngster. I didn’t grow up idealizing Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams. I don’t wax nostalgic for the smell of a darkroom.


Like many things in my life, I learned to love photography the hard way. My story was more of a girl-meets-boy, girl-divorces-boy, girl-finds-photography love story.


Awwww. I know, right??


Years ago as a newly single and unemployed parent with two small kids, (obviously winning at life <insert sarcasm>) I found myself unmoored and reaching for a creative outlet because vodka was not considered a healthy pastime (heed my cautionary tale). The whole American Dream thing hadn’t worked out as I had hoped, and since I had spent most of my youth doing what was “supposed” to be done, I was at one of those super-cliche life crossroads.  


If you have a creative mind, you might understand what I mean when I say I was looking for something to quiet my mind. Amid the new chaos of my life, I needed to find something that would bring me joy other than drinking wine and yelling “He’s pretty but not worth it!” while watching episodes of The Bachelor.


Try yoga, they said. Laughable. I’m LOUD, I can’t ever shut up, and I giggled when people farted.


Namaste, bitches.


Meditation? That’s what people with kids call SLEEP.











I’ve always been creative, and I’ve always known that my calling is to work with people. I’m a straight-up and straightforward kinda gal, and I believe in heartfelt talks between friends on a front porch, and the power of a hug when someone is suffering.

I never imagined that I would find a catalyst for an amazing life in a box that held a dusty Canon Rebel. But from the moment that I started taking photos, I knew that this was the thing I was meant to do.

Photography is what brought me home; its what healed me.

It's what taught me to believe in love again (Still waiting on my prince charming though!) and showed me a beautiful world when I needed to see it the most. 

By telling your story...the story of your family, your wedding...I’ve found what’s true for me, that being a storyteller matters to me. And here’s the cliche-ist of all cliche’s, it’s truly what I was meant to do.

If you’re looking for a photographer who can make you laugh until you snort out your nose, you’ve found your girl. Beyond the shenanigans and taking photos on the day, the other part of my job I love and that I spend a lot of time on is the behind the scenes editing.  I consider myself as much of a digital artist as a photographer. The final product, those photos that you hang on the wall for everyone to see, well...I hope you consider them a piece of art. A piece of my heart goes into every single photo.

So, just in case I haven't won you over with my irresistible charm, I've put together a list of reasons I should be your photographer  

  • I'm calm. Like, ridiculously calm. "Stay calm and carry on" is my motto.

  • My kids don’t listen to me, but yours will during a portrait session. I don’t know how this happens, but it does, and I wish I could bottle it and take it home.

  • I believe in the magic of dirt roads, thrift stores, and mountains.

  • I'm a "help-you-pee-in-your-wedding-dress" expert.

  • I’m the least judgey person you will ever meet. If you invite me over and your house is full of dog hair and you have dirty laundry around the living room, you are my people.

  • I can entertain you for hours with my unreasonable collection of inappropriate memes on my phone.

  • I’ll look for the light, all you have to do is you show me the love. Deal?

  • In all the history of awkward people, I'm the most awkwardest person ever in the whole world. So if you're awkward too, I'll make you look good.

  • I can give you all the "what not to do" marriage advice you will ever need. 

  • I'm really patient with drunk people, and I won’t be surprised or offended when the cops show up.

  • I'm funny. Obviously

  • I like wedding cake, or cupcakes, or whatever really. 

Call or text!!! 

Tel: 720-280-2345

Email: LauraAnnPhotography@yahoo.com 

E-mail me! 

est 2014 by Laura Ann Romey, Longmont Colorado and surrounding areas

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