A little about me...

Okay so you're here to get the scoop. Understandable. 

First off, I promise I'm not going to take you three cliché' paragraphs deep

into how I grew up idealizing Ansel Adams or how I fell in love 

with photography the first time I held a DSLR in my hands at 13

years old. That's just not my story. I've never been one to follow the

predictable path and my path to being a photographer really wasn't 

any different.


That being said, here's the deets...


The truth is, I didn't even buy my first DSLR (a canon T3i in case it matters) until my late 20's. And when I did get it, it stayed in my coat closet and was really only used a few times a year, always on Auto, and I had absolutely no clue how to use it any other way. I know. Not very inspiring, is it? I'm getting there, I promise.....

As life seems to have the tendency to do, it tossed me some curveballs and I found myself in the midst of a divorce with two small children, and then almost immediately following that, I lost my job. The loss of my job then resulted in the loss of everything else.... and, well.... you get the picture.  

I suddenly became an almost 30 something divorced and unemployed mother living in my parents basement surrounded by wood paneling with nothing to show for myself than two kids and a bunch of student loans. (I promise this isn't a SOB story) 

 And yet despite all of this, there was something slightly exhilarating about having a fresh slate to rebuild. The only things I knew for certain besides the fact that my parents desperately needed a basement remodel....was that I had two great kids, a supportive family, a creative mind, and that I never wanted to go back to my previous career I had spent the last 10 years building (healthcare). 

The camera came into the picture as simply something I wanted to learn. It kept me busy as I got used to our new

co-parenting schedule, it introduced me to other female photographers at every level who became my inspiration as well as my friends. It took me places I wouldn't have gone otherwise, and I'm gonna get cliché for a sec....but it was truly a beacon of light when I was in the dark. I know....that was cheesy. sorry. 

The years have passed by swiftly since then and we've all adjusted beautifully. We have our own little place and it feels like a castle to us. We have a very spoiled rotten 6 year old lab/pit/whatever named Hank whom we absolutely adore and makes us laugh every single day. And of course our two equally spoiled rotten cats, Frank and Auggie, who give us plenty of love in between their naps. 


As far as my "regular job" is concerned, I have somehow landed myself in Law Enforcement where I work overnights at the county Jail. It's absolutely wild and crazy and I love every bit of it. I also have quite the collection of stories and I can promise you that no matter how crazy of a family you think you have, I've most definitely seen worse. So here I am, a crime fighter by night, and photographer by day. But really I'm just a regular gal that has fallen in love with storytelling through a lens during a shitty time of my life. And there is absolutely one thing I can guarantee...  and its that my work and the way I document your lives has come from countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears.


I believe there is beauty in every story and that every story is beautiful. And by telling your story...the story of your family, or your wedding day.. I’ve found what’s true for me, that being a storyteller matters to me. And I'm about to be cliché yet again, and its the cliche-ist of all cliche’s,

it’s truly what I was meant to do.


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